Attwood Blockchain Sticker (ABS) Using VeChainThor Launched

by Crypto Drive

The adoption of blockchain related tools in busines is gaining momentum with the recent launching of Atwood Blockchain Sticker  (ABS), a security sticker built using VeChainThor.

VeChainThor is a public blockchain that provides enterprise solutions and business applications.  Blockchain records allows any party to review the claim of another entity independently. Enabling traceability of raw materials, components and parts to ensure effective quality controls and transparency along various levels of the value chain in production, manufacturing and commercial enterprise operations.  

Attwood Import Export, the largest premium alcoholic beverage importer and distributor in Cambodia, formally announced the implementation of ABS, a NFC-enabled security sticker.

Mr. David Wang, General Manager of VeChain Tech SEA, attended the launching ceremony on July 27, 2022, an event that was attended by major Cambodian news outfits and televised on the CTV8 Cambodia news channel.

Attwood Import Export is a company that imports and distributes luxury brands that include Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Champagne, Moet & Chandon, Terrazas, Chandon Sparkling, Budweiser beer, Corona beer, and Coronita beer.

The Vechain Foundation explained in an article that “by applying ABS to each bottle of product, Attwood enhances its liquor distribution capabilities, drastically improves transparency, and guarantees product authenticity to partners and consumers. With key data hashed on the blockchain, salient product information becomes immutable and trustworthy, allowing clients and customers to verify the origin and authenticity of products with a simple scan of a smartphone, preventing fraud and protecting consumers.”

VeChainThor blockchain has a dual token system environment with VET – Vechain Token – as the primary cryptocurrency that is used in commercial transaction. While VTHO is the energy or gas token used as payment for transactions fees in using the Vechain Thor blockchain ecosystem. The benefit of having some VET is that it earns certain amount of VTHO while holding it in a supported wallet such as its native Vechain Thor wallet, as well as in Trust, Ledger and Exodus.

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