Earn from Crypto Assets Held at Stakecube Ecosystem

by Crypto Drive

If your are looking for cryptocurrency staking platform, Stakecube – stakecube.net – is one among the staking platforms available you have to consider.  Especially those crypto enthusiasts who just hold their digital assets while waiting for it to gain the desired value.

StakeCube is the predominant crypto ecosystem originally launched in June 2018 as “proof of stake” PoS pool and has since grown to served over 75,000 users and supporting over 60 different crypto assets. The ecosystem unique features has some different apps, including an integrated exchange, masternode hosting, on-board crypto mining and a substantially gainful compounding interest system.

Stakecube has its native utility coin, StakeCubeCoin (SCC), with full integration into the ecosystem, earndrop programs and with a unique masternode registration function to obtain various advantages. StakeCubeCoin is a p2p cash system with an independent blockchain. SCC is also available on many third party exchanges and services.

The StakeCubeCoin is a fork of the Dash codebase, which uses a combination of x11-PoW and Deterministic Masternodes to secure the cryptocurrency’s network and blockchain. The StakeCubeCoin blockchain is further secured by Masternodes, which enforce ChainLocks and InstantSend for an extremely fast, secure network, constantly producing secure quorums. SCC basically powers the StakeCube Ecosystem.

For cryptocurrency newbies who are fond of collecting giveaway tokens and coins, they can also enjoy collecting few trickles of assets once a day on its faucets platform. One way of familiarizing on some mostly new PoS start-up projects.

Based on the online review platform trustpilot.com, stakecube has an Excellent trust rating of 84%. If one has to research the trust rating and reviews of other similar crypto exchange and staking services platforms, they will likely find out that this stakecube’s excellent rating could be one the best.

If you want to explore stakecube and eventually use the platform, it would be advisable to first read and study the Beginner’s Guide.

Please bear in mind that investing in cryptocurrency entails certain degree of risk. This applies also with using stakecube ecosystem, through its staking and other services offered. As always, be sure to DYOR – Do Your Own Research.

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