Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise? by Honey Mae Bariga

by Be Informed

“I’m afraid! What if I can’t do it!” There are many people who are enslaved by fear right now. Your abilities are hampered by fear. Fear will cause you to be miss out opportunities. Fear will always make you believe that nothing is possible. Fear has the power to steal your God-given dreams and purpose. When it comes to fear, allowing it in your life will cause you to miss out on many opportunities that you should try at least once in your life. Do not live in a state of what ifs, because what ifs will be the big mountains and walls that stand in the way of your future breakthroughs and victories. Don’t let fear eat away at your abilities because you don’t know where it will lead you in the future. Remember that anything is possible if you give it a shot.

When you fail once, it is not considered final. You have numerous opportunities to try. Many of them will tell you to “try and try again until you succeed.” The most important thing is that you at least try; we don’t know how far you can get when you try! I want you to know that a lot of dreams and purpose gone because of fear, because you did not give it a try even once. You lose the dreams and purpose that are meant for you because you did not give it a try. If you want to pursue and achieve your dreams and victories in life, you must first overcome your fear, then persevere in achieving your goal, and finally step outside of your comfort zone. You are not going to step out because you are fine there and everywhere! No! You must step out, one step at a time, to achieve the victories and highest position that you desire.

Sometimes failure is the main reason why we are afraid of giving a try and taking of chances. No one is exempted to failures. We all fail in different ways, but the difference is how we handle it. Will you give up, come to a halt, and end your story here? Or will you just change your game plan? It’s all about learning and doing things better the next time. It’s okay if you fail; what matters is that you learned and tried. Simply keep going. God isn’t done with you yet. No one can stop God’s great plan for you. Remember that not everyone will see or appreciate everything you do, and remind yourself that you are not God. As humans, we have limitations and there are things that are beyond our control. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we made a wrong decisions in life, sometimes we got tired, and sometimes we are afraid.

Let God take care of those things, you have no control over. You have nothing to fear for tomorrow, because as long as God is still on the throne and is the one who is in control of everything, All is well!

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