Garden Inside the City

by Be Informed

It’s nice to think of having a cozy and peaceful place in the middle of a noisy and chaotic city. The type where you can chill while eating or having coffee with your friends, co-workers, girlfriend/boyfriend, family or even just alone. The type that looks like you’re just in a garden with a lot of plants, a koi pond and the chirping of birds.

But did you know that it is possible and there is such a place in Pagadian City. This is Mon Joe’s Garden Cafe, located in the heart of the city at 0448 FS PAJARES AVENUE, SAN JOSE DISTRICT, PAGADIAN CITY! A very nice, peaceful, cozy restaurant in the heart of the city. I’ll pass for a while to the pompous and elegant restaurants, here we are for relaxing and chill.

Almost every area of ​​their place is instagrammable, there is a mini aviary which features Parakeets and African Love Birds (dunno if it’s the same. Haha!), koi pond, plants and most of all there is a wine cellar. Although their wine cellar is a little full, but it’s also good. They also feature a parrot and his name is Echo. A kind and gentle parrot. You can put it on your hand or shoulder, picture picture, post on IG or on FB haha!

In terms of food, it’s a bit expensive, well understandable because the prices have gone up now but it’s very tasty, the price is worth it because it’s quite a lot and most of all, it’s delicious. Especially their Garden Salad. Good for 2 – 3 persons but worth it, it satisfies even a salad. Overall, beautiful, cozy, peaceful and you can really relax away from stress and other negativities that want to mess up your life. So when you have time, try to visit Mon Joe’s Garden Cafe!

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