Holochain to Release Full Featured Beta by January

by Crypto Drive

Holochain have posted on its blog that its full featured beta will be released by January next year. Recently, the first in a series of release candidates leading up to the launch of Holochain’s first beta was made available to app developers – Holochain 0.1.0-beta-rc.0.

The Holochain conductor and SDKs are now feature-complete for application development with this release candidate. Now that the Beta Release Candidate is available, any developers who have Holochain apps can update their code.

It was learned that the coding had been subjected through a security assessment by Least Authority, the preferred security company of many decentralized projects, in order to get Holochain Beta ready. Holochain’s cryptographic key store, the program that maintains agent keys and other secrets, was audited first because cryptography is a fundamental component of many contemporary decentralized technology initiatives.

As soon as the scaffolding tool is upgraded to 0.1.0-beta-rc.0, developers who are new to Holochain will be able to install and create their first project. Developers were advised to hold tight for the changes to the Holochain Launcher and DevHub, which will be made available in the following few days particular those eager to deliver apps for their customers.

They disclosed that for the purpose of creating scalable and effective Web3 apps of any kind, Holochain is a complete software stack. With Holochain, developers could create a currency, NFT, or DeFi platform, but they are saying that the framework is actually intended for more capabilities. And that the majority of the practical activities which are common with Web2 can be handled in terms of storage and performance.

The report further list the following Dapps that can possibly be done with Holochain Beta-RC:

  • Social networks
  • Chat
  • Groupware
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Project management
  • Governance and decision-making
  • Marketplaces
  • Accounting
  • Community currencies
  • Digital rights management of creative works
  • Supply chain accounting
  • Renewable energy markets
  • Adaptive IoT networks and other edge computing applications

It is believed that Holochain’s present feature is adequate for creating these kind of apps, as of this Beta Release Candidate. As more features will be introduced, developer experience will soon be enhanced by the new capabilities, coupled with components and tools that make it simpler and faster to create some intricate Holochain applications (hApps).

Holochain is a decentralized ledger technology that is not a blockchain. It has it’s own digital currency – Holo – ranked 94th in the coinmarketcap.com as of this writing. Those interested to get more information on holochain may visit their website at www.holochain.org.

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