Gooddollar Offers Cryptocurrency-Based Universal Basic Income

by Crypto Drive

As defined by, “Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a socio-political financial transfer policy proposal in which all citizens of a given population regularly receive a legally stipulated and equal financial grant paid by the government without a means test.  A basic income can be implemented nationally, regionally, or locally. If the level is sufficient to meet a person’s basic needs, it is sometimes called a full basic income; if it is less than that amount, it may be called a partial basic income.”

The Stanford Basic Income Lab webpage ( explains that “universal basic income (UBI) takes on distinct forms in different historical and geographic contexts. It varies based on the funding proposal, the level of payment, the frequency of payment, and the particular policies proposed around it. Each of these parameters are fundamental, even if a range of versions still technically count as UBI (a universal, unconditional, individual, regular and cash payment).”

With the widening income gap among the world’s population and the more worsening socio-economic inequality, some advocates realized that the digital information age ushers in certain imperatives for UBI considering advances in industrial technologies. Quite a number are apprehensive that continuing technological upgrading will consequently result to more people without jobs. With the growing rate of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

UBI has already been implemented in some countries and communities, even in highly developed countries where there are packets of poor communities. This has been done widely in underdeveloped and developing nations with considerable portion of their population living on income below the poverty threshold, or in most worst cases none at all.

Amount given to individuals in marginalized sectors varies depending on financial capability of the government and institutions implementing it.  So, UBI is basically designed to help augment income for needy people. There are even non-government organizations and private development entities who are now doing it.  It has to be noted however that UBI is different from the various conditional cash transfer program implemented by governments.

The advent of cryptocurrency offers a new mechanism on the distribution of UBI. Gooddollar is one entity offering digital money income opportunity to interested individuals.

It’s an organization that practically offers free cryptocurrency to all interested to acquire it. For them not to be left out in the on-going financial revolution.  Being a global movement, it basically aims to bring economic opportunity to all. By putting digital money in the hands of ordinary people, it hopes to build a more inclusive economy worldwide.

What people have to do to earn G$ is just to sign-up, and then start claiming everyday for free.

GoodDollar is a blockchain powered platform that generates and distributes global basic income. It is founded by Yoni Assia, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also the CEO and founder of eToro, an international social network for financial investments ranging from stocks to cryptocurrencies. GoodDollar is a non-profit sponsored and funded by eToro.

For those who might be interested to learn more about Gooddollar and earn its free G$ cryptocurrency, you may do so by visiting their website.

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