Prosperity Mindset – Learning, Nurturing, Living with It

by Crypto Drive

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

                                                             Napoleon Hill, Author – Think and Grow Rich

If we are born poor, and grow in a poorest of the poor community environment, more likely what we have in mind will be a lifetime of poverty. But there is always a way out.

The earlier we figured it out, the better it will be for us. Unfortunately for me, my realization comes quite late, or maybe not too late, in my late 40s.  That’s why what I will be sharing here with you is based not in my life’s experience. But mostly on my understanding of some valuable reading materials, and observations with other well-to-do individuals, mostly in the business sector.

Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong of being poor. For some, and that includes myself, what is not right is when we are settled to think that we can remain poor forever. Primarily because it is very difficult to enjoy life when money is not readily available to buy food, and other daily basic needs of our family.

Hence, for those who made a vow of poverty, there is no need to read further.

But for those having fervent desires to uplift their economic condition, or those personally committed to help other people do so, it might be worthy to spare few precious minutes to read the following lines.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”      Proverbs 23:7

Prosperity Mindset

So everything boils down to the way we think, and what we are thinking most of the time. This leads us to the main purpose of the article, about nurturing the proper mindset – a prosperity mindset.

Mindset is defined as a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings; and values and dispositions, to act in certain ways.  It is also described as – an attitude, or mode of decision processes, intentions or inclinations. Practically these are sets of ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation, that usually influences a person’s decision pattern. 

While prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune, and successful social status. Prosperity often encompasses wealth, but also includes other factors which can be independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health.

So along this understanding, a prosperity mindset is basically a person’s thinking pattern or belief system, attitudes and values geared towards achieving success, creating wealth, abundance, peace, happiness and good health.

A way of positive thinking that is set towards wealth creation. The end purpose of which is to have abundant, progressive and prosperous life. Along with helping other people around to create a vibrant, peaceful, economically stable and sustainable communities.  Because after all, how can we enjoy the fruits of our labor, all the wealth we acquire in places where crimes, drug addiction, garbage, filth and poverty abound?

It is along this premise that for those who have more in life, there’s a social responsibility to also think for the overall welfare of the people around. In the immediate neighborhood, the community where they belong.

For the rich and super rich, the business tycoons and billionaires, sharing their blessings to the people, and the world if possible, is a great help that will improve not only million of lives, but even the future of humanity.

Foundation of Prosperity

On a personal level along with nurturing a prosperity mindset, there is a need also to understand the moral foundation of prosperity.

British philosopher and writer James Allen in his book Eight Pillars of Prosperity explained that – “The moral virtues are the foundation and support of prosperity as they are the soul of greatness. They endure for ever, and all the works of man which endure are built upon them. Without them there is neither strength, stability, nor substantial reality, but only ephemeral dreams.”

And he further stressed, “Prosperity, to be stable and enduring, must rest on a solid foundation of moral principle, and be supported by the adamantine pillars of sterling character and moral worth. In the attempt to run a business in defiance of moral principles, disaster, of one kind or another, is inevitable. The permanently prosperous men in any community are not its tricksters and deceivers, but its reliable and upright men.”

In his book, Allen enumerated and extensively explained these eight pillars. I will attempt to explain some points in this and in succeeding articles the way I understand it. However, I will admit that in doing so, I might missed some of the vital points raised by the author. Hence, I encouraged those who want to dig deeper on the subject to read the entire book if possible.

In that book, he likens prosperity to a house, with a roof that needs a support or posts with a strong foundation, without it this will collapse. 

He explained that the roof of prosperity, is supported by the eight pillars which are cemented in a foundation of moral consistency. These eight pillars are the following : Energy, Economy, Integrity and System, as well as, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality and Self-reliance.

Yes, moral consistency. This is what is needed to prosper sustainably.

This world that we are living, more particularly the financial world, is replete of people deprive of moral ground. Scams, and other “get-rich-quick” schemes, exploiting and extracting people their hard earned money, for them to become rich.

But then instead, a number of them lead to prison. And in some cases, back to a life of misery and decadence. Because an endeavor like this, aside of being illegal and unethical, is not really sustainable in the first place.  There are those who may get rich this way, but in most cases, there is always a day of reckoning. Negative karma often comes in unexpected ways.

More of these we  might have hear in our neighborhood, in the news in various media platforms. And some of us could have encountered in our respective workplaces, communities, and may even became victims of these nefarious activities. Some of these schemes masquerades as business, yes, but business without moral foundation.

But of course, the world is also full of some exemplary benevolent act of kindness of the rich and famous. People who go some extra miles to help the plight of the poor and downtrodden. Individuals and families who share their material and financial blessings without expecting anything in return.

Understanding the core principles of prosperity will help enable individuals in the quagmire of poverty to improve their lives, then sustain the growth and progress. And eventually be able to help people and communities in need.

For those people who are now living a life of comfort and abundance, this might help them realize the need to be good steward of the wealth they possess, that will ensure that these can still be enjoyed by their succeeding generation. Hopefully, this can serve as guide in the way how to handle personal, family and economic life, manage assets – financial and materials blessings, undertake wise investments and business decisions.

Hence, having a prosperity mindset is not just a matter of having it in the mind.  It is about living with it on a daily life. On actually practicing core values and principles that goes along in such a way of thinking.  

In the succeeding articles on this subject, we will be discussing a number of prosperity principles and practices.

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