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by Be Informed

Enjoying teenage life is not about partying, drinking burning liquors, having sex and finding a partner to feel loved. Our teenage life should spend on getting to know with ourselves and by developing good traits and morals that would help us sooner in life to attain a harmonious life. The world today is just merely showing us how to gain praise and social recognition to satisfy our egotistical nature we had developed through our past years. But if we look deeper social acceptance is completely nothing and useless when we are alone. When the heart feels lost and empty after realizing that people only love what they see in you disregarding the beauty cultivating inside your heart. Isn’t it saddening, people only love you for what they thought you are and not for what you truly are. People today are unconsciously striving for perfection and social validation of beauty, the feeling of being accepted is truly fulfilling but true and long-lasting happiness cannot be felt with superficial people. The more you seek happiness into the company of other people, the more you will fail because genuine happiness can only be found within our hearts, it is never lost but since people fail to acknowledge their own responsibility for their own happiness, thus a person will desperately seek the attention and love of other people to fill in the gap within themselves. There are a lot of people who fail in their relationships and that is because most of them are emotionally weak and spiritually immature to handle a relationship. They are looking at love as if it was some sort of sport.

Love isn’t a pastime to play with when you are bored, hearts aren’t toys and certainly not a form of experimentation. And just like a scientist who’s mixing different chemicals with proper knowledge and expertise inside his laboratory. You have to also be knowledgeable enough to know where you are putting yourself into. You have to recognize which path you are leading your life with in order to avoid getting yourself burn with your own burning flame. Life itself is beautiful when you know where you want to be and consciously walking with the path you choose to venture in. Don’t enter at something out of boredom, loneliness and envy because everything that is out of love will surely cause you emotional turmoil in exchange for the temporary pleasure you bargain your life with. Life is just merely a consequence of our own actions.

Most of the sufferings that we encounter are self-inflicted and merely an outcome of our own inadequate actions and decisions. Most people fail to recognize that they cause their own problems without even realizing it. They would love to throw the blame to other people since they can’t understand the basic laws of life, that they are simply experiencing their own actions through other people and ripping the fruit of their own creations. This people are not just blind but also lazy. Their unwillingness to learn is the one that keeps them inside the cage of ignorance. Life is beautiful when you can see reality as a whole not just a part of it. When you can realize that you can achieve anything you want through taking conscious actions and fulfilling the necessary sacrifices in attaining your dreams and ambitions in life, that’s the time you start taking small actions that contribute to your goals even though it may seem so hard but the world can’t stop you when you take a grit in following your passion. Learn to self-educate yourself because sometimes education isn’t simply enough to unveil the hidden fire within that will guide you to a prosperous life. Remember, it’s never about how smart you are but more about how much knowledge you apply in your daily basis. Knowledge is power but wisdom is the universe. Never limit yourself. Dream far and soar high, dreamers.

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