Taki – New Engage-to-Earn Social Media Platform

by Crypto Drive

While users of most social media platforms help build and grow its network, it’s the owners, who benefit and get most of the value created. Not those who participated and meticulously crafted the contents. This outdated, inequitable business model will soon become history, with Taki.

Taki a newly introduced engage-to-earn social media app offers users to earn Taki token as they expand their followings and create their content within the platform.  Another unique feature of this start-up social media project is that it automatically creates user’s coin for all who registers on its platform.

This tokenization feature facilitates transactions among users within the Taki platform. Especially those skilled and talented individuals who may offer different physical and virtual products and services to the expanding users base. Now reaching 534,952 registered users based on its latest figures at taki.app/statistics.

Taki basically creates a level playing field, offering a wide array of opportunities to all its users to earn cryptocurrency tokens.  Even just by the most simple participation in the network.

The following lines offers insights on the belief system that revolve in the creation of Taki as explained in the article Introducing Taki in the businessinsider.in:

“We believe that creators can truly own and build their own economies — ones they control and take wherever they want.

We believe that we can level the playing field — so any creator no matter how big or small — and their fans can build robust economic relationships in a meaningful way,

We believe that with Web3/crypto we have the opportunity to harness this economic value and give it back to the users instead of a company having to capture it all and sell ads against the user generated value.

We believe that as creators build in the metaverse their identities and economies can straddle real-life and meta-life.”

Taki was founded by Kevin Chou and  Sakina Arsiwala.  Based on his Linked-In profile Kevin Chou is the founder of Super Layer.  He has a deep experience on blockchain and crypto space being co-founders also of Forte, Rally Network and Kabam as explained in the Taki.app website.    

Sakina Arsiwala has held product and growth leadership positions at Nextdoor and YouTube. She also co-founded a social startup that was acquired by Groupon, where she led Social Product Growth for that company.

Interest on this new start-up project is growing as venture capitalists participated in its funding round that generated $3.5 million early this year. Crypto related firms and investors includes the following – Coinbase Ventures, FTX Exchange, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Solana Ventures, Formless Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Luno Expeditions, Huobi Ventures, Kraken Ventures, and Roka Works.

Want to explore Taki? Be ready with your well-thought, unique user coin name. You may join through this link: https://taki.app/invite/rRzzHD8tqIdMX0

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