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by Be Informed

Do you want to sell more products online but don’t know where to begin? If you’re like most people, you probably start with Facebook. And even there, you could do better. If you run a small online business, it can be difficult to keep tabs on your social media accounts and monitor your marketing activities. But what if you had an automated way to keep track of everything? You might find it easier to manage your social media and marketing plans instead of fighting them every day. Ecommerce stores make it possible for businesses of all sizes to sell directly through websites or other digital channels. The concept is the same whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar store or an online business. What differs between the two is the scale: An ecommerce store allows you to sell much more product than you can when operating a physical storefront.

Pandemic brought us closer to the digital aspects of life, especially in business and finance. The new trend of selling emerged, although there were already big companies that were already been established. But hey, it’s not yet too late. There’s always room for more, and the more unique, the better. Which is why we’re going to give you the most unique multivendor e-commerce platform in our history., established October 2021 through the efforts of Mike and Stef Sta. Ana and Lou Bonafide. Inspired by the most trending and revolutionizing cryptocurrency, Pi Network. A “crypto-inspired” multivendor e-commerce platform was born. Just like any other multivendor e-commerce platform, expresspi caters different vendors nationwide, and since it’s crypo-inspired, yes, expresspi intends to accept cryptocurrency as one of its payment methods. Its main cryptocurrency accepted is Pi Coin (from Pi Network). Expresspi went to several “stress-test” before it was launched and by the time it was set to launch, Pi Coin was not available for use. Since expresspi has already have products to sell and Pi Coin isn’t available yet, the company resorted to run its operations a quasi – Pi Network Enclosed Mainnet system, by letting the user purchase the items using points they earn basing on the activity he/she does inside the platform, called TPG Credits.

TPG Credits are points the user can earn while doing activities in expresspi, such as, daily login, write a product review or store review, purchase items (rebates system) and joining different online activities wherein a user can earn huge amount of TPG Credits. TPG Credits are neither for sale nor tradeable into fiat, it’s completely free to earn. Many users and followers of its official facebook page have witnessed and experienced the TPG Credits Mania, many received their items by just exchanging their TPG Credits for a certain product without any shipping fee.

You might wanna ask, “why TPG Credits and not real money if it’s a business?” “Why Pi and not fiat?”. Well, putting up a business in the Philippines is kind of difficult. It must acquire business license, SEC (if it’s corporate) and other permits and licenses. It takes weeks and even months before it all can be acquired. Legality is important in business. It cannot operate or accept any form of payment if it hasn’t complied the necessary requirements, hence the use of TPG Credits.

Expresspi has gone through a lot of tedious and exhausting process and in February 2022, every legal document has already achieved. However, it was not fully operational because it still cannot accept Pi Coin as we are still waiting for the actual enclosed Mainnet. A few days before enclosed Mainnet (Pi is tradeable into goods and services) a huge news from the BSP rose. It halted the application for the VASP License for 3 years. VASP License is necessary when a business wants to operate using cryptocurrency and other digital currency, BSP suspends its application. So, expresspi is not yet operational in terms of crypto. Why? Because expresspi is a legal business entity and the owners do not want to commit neither any violation nor being noticed under the radar of the authorities, it will negatively affect the business. So, expresspi cannot yet operate accepting cryptocurrency as payment until VASP License is acquired. Since expresspi is a legal business entity and governed under the Philippine Law, expresspi is bound to follow.

However, expresspi is not only limited to cryptocurrency, it’s just one of its many features. Because, expresspi can still accept fiat and payment gateways are on its way, it will still be fully functional and operational.

Its vision is to become the most trusted and scam – free multivendor ecommerce platform in the Philippines with emphasis on customer service and customer – vendor relationship.

Its mission is to negate scammers, would-be scammers and bogus-buyers for a safer marketplace in every Filipinos.

Its goal is to open up opportunities from small to large scale businesses and Filipino business owners and hop on the ride towards digitalization.

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