The SAD Reality by Allien Bryant Panugan

by Be Informed

People all over the world are facing challenges in their lives, but some people could not handle the challenges, because their lives are caused by depression and anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety find it difficult to socialize, study, or perform tasks properly. This is known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Social anxiety is more than just shyness. Social anxiety, also known as social phobia, is a type of anxiety disorder that causes people to overthink, be afraid of public speaking, be nervous, and shake. It is difficult for them to socialize and speak in public. They constantly overthink what other people think of them because they are afraid of being judged by others. People with this disorder have difficulty conversing with others, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings. Their self-esteem is low, and they have low expectations of themselves. It can have a significant impact on a student’s studies. It is hard for student that has this anxiety to study and participate in school activities which causes them to have low grades and academic performance. It is dangerous for a person if they do not overcome their anxiety or retreat to their comfort zones. Anxiety has been linked to suicide in some cases.

Fear of being embarrassed and humiliated, intense fear when interacting or conversing with others, fear that others will judge you or notice you look anxious, hands shaking when speaking with the audience. These are some of the causes:

*Bullied or teased by peers in school or any places
*Always get embarrassed by family, fake friends, and other people
*Physical, sexual or emotional abused
*Death of or desertion by a parents
*Maternal stress during pregnancy or infancy

While causes are present on the above enumeration, there are some ways to overcome it. Even if it is difficult, gradually train yourself to attend public gatherings, train yourself to always talk to people around you, learn not to listen to what others say negatively, exercise and get out of the house, explore more things, and make life goals and dreams, make it a habit to talk about your problems. By doing so, you will gradually develop yourself and your anxiety will diminish.

Jumping to the conclusion that others think poorly of her/him who has social anxiety can cause physical and emotional distress, as well as a loss of self-confidence and self-efficiency. It can also have an impact on behavior. Social Anxiety Disorder affects 36% of the world’s population. Be aware if you have social anxiety, whether you are old or young, male or female, fat or thin.

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