TPGwork : A Cryptocurrency-Based Gig Economy Platform      

by Crypto Drive

The gig economy is becoming an essential component of the global economy having a market size worth $248.3 billion in 2019. Experts expect that the industry will cross the $500 billion mark in gross volume within a five-year period.

The explained that “the gig economy is characterized by short-term, flexible jobs that businesses offer to freelancers and independent contractors instead of traditional, full-time employees. In the gig economy, businesses can save money on recruiting, benefits, and payroll expenses, while gig workers benefit by being able to earn income from multiple sources and complete projects and tasks with a flexible work schedule.”

The reported that there are three major reasons for choosing gig work. These are flexible scheduling, passionate work and personal choice. While the top three industries deeply engaged are arts and designs, entertainment and construction.

Countries that have the highest gig work participation among workers are Brasil, United States and United Kingdom.

The advent of cryptocurrency being a new financial technology practically expand and accelerates the growth of the gig economy.  With a number of scientists, programmers and IT specialists satisfying blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) development innovations and adaption requisites.  Having a more wider, cost-efficient and faster payment option, some professionals and freelancers, as well as institutions and business entities looking for various forms of services now prefer to accept and use cryptocurrency.

TPGwork – –  was basically set-up along this operational concept and motivation. To be a platform that gives opportunities to freelancers and skilled workers  offering services to customers, institutions and entities that satisfy their organizational needs.   In the backdrop of a  blockchain and DLT powered digital space, physical and virtual world.

TPGwork specialize in strategic scheme-based services so that companies can continually adapt to the continually changing global business dynamics and highly competitive market environment, while adequately satisfying customers quality standards.

As it welcomes other expertise, the company has the following pool of skilled talents and professionals – game developers, wordpress developers, web developers, full stack programmers, data entry experts, pr managers, seo specialists, web designers, anime artists, writers, virtual assistants, Japanese translators, data scientists, ml engineers, analytics managers, researchers, copywriters, online book keepers and accountants.

TPGwork is one of the entities under the Trinity Project Group (TPG), a multi-tiered marketing firm established in 2021 by a group of Pi Network pioneers. TPG aims to combine the power of blockchain technology with an innovative system to decentralize digital marketplaces and create a new paradigm for online commerce. 

As a crypto-inspired entity, TPG ecosystem operates on a payment system that accepts fiat money, cryptocurrency, and other available modes acceptable to platform users and clients that is compliant to prevailing monetary policies.

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