Twitter Web3 – $BNB and/or $DOGE?

by Crypto Drive

With Binance $500 Million investment infusion on Twitter, the social platform accelerates on its track towards Web3.  

Changpeng Zhao “CZ”, co-founder and CEO of Binance, explained the strategic move behind his firm’s contribution saying, “We want to help bring Twitter into Web3 when they are ready.”  Binance will work hand-in-hand with Twitter as Elon Musk looks to introduce the platform to Web3.

The Binance CEO further emphasized that it’s looking to incorporate crypto into the social platform, as Elon Musk pushed for his goal of transforming Twitter into a free-speech channel. CZ pointed out – “We want to make sure that crypto has a seat at the table when it comes to free speech.” 

CZ recognized the importance of Twitter in the cryptocurrency space, highlighting its position as a global free-speech platform. Acknowledging his reliance on Twitter, using the platform to connect with his audience of 7 million followers in the cryptoverse as he said, “Twitter is a tool that I use personally very heavily.”

With this move, it is obvious that CZ is positive that Elon Musk’s goal to transform Twitter into a super-app in the Web3 era is highly achievable.

Musk’s Twitter buyout ended recently after months of delays due to lawsuits and indecisions. The crypto community was excited about the deal, considering that the Tesla’s CEO is an avid endorser of Dogecoin, being one of the most crypto-friendly billionaires.

As to what cryptocurrency will eventually be used in Twitter social platform, whether it will be Dogecoin DOGE or Binance Coin BNB, could be an area of speculation.

So will it be $BNB or $DOGE?  It could possibly be both, and maybe more.

After all as it has been said, the more, the merrier.

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