What if TPG CV = $314,159?

by Be Informed

January 2022 shocked pioneers around the world when Trinity Project Group and its multivendor ecommerce marketplace project Expresspi.com released a statement that they supported the $ 314 consensus value.

Most of them were shocked because the only value they were arguing about was from $ 1, $ 10 to $ 100 until another marketplace suddenly appeared declaring a $ 200 consensus value. But TPG/Expresspi made a lot of noise and shocked not only the Philippines but the whole world with the $ 314 value they would follow.

The TPG Ecosystem declaration has reached China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, USA, UK and the rest of the world. Many raised eyebrows and doubted whether they could stand their statement or just hype.

But unbeknownst to most, TPG/Expresspi has confirmed their statement that even if there is no exchange or consensus value released by the PCT, they will be able to stand by what they say. This is through TPG Credits which are just points that you get every time you have activities done on their site. You just accumulate these points and you can turn them into purchases of items sold on Expresspi. It has also been possible and successful in their partner countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Ghana.

Many doubted and laughed because it was said to be a scam or impossible to happen but when Expresspi showed and posted images and testimonials from the customers or to those who tried to buy and were successful it gradually gained the trust of the audience up to this time.

This can be compared to the consensus value situation where whatever the consensus value may be, Expresspi has proven that they can uphold their statements and this is manifested by the evidence through TPG Credits.

Now that high consensus values ​​have surfaced, especially $ 314,159, what is TPG/Expresspi’s plan? According to a reliable source, TPG/Expresspi plans to support and follow the $ 314,159 value especially if it is promoted and followed by the majority. According to a reliable source we interviewed, in non-verbatim “we can stand whatever value is declared and must be complied with, we have proven that through TPG Credits like Pi today that have no monetary value yet but can be used to buy stuffs.”

Do you think Expresspi can stand what they say? How do you think this will affect the pioneers and other marketplaces? What if Pi releases an official value, what do you think could possibly happen? Raise your ideas in the comment section below this article.

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